School Based Services

CTA has partnered with public, private, and charter schools to provide everything from consultation, staff training, and direct services throughout the Tampa bay area.

CTA has long standing relationships with public schools, private schools, and daycares. We have provided therapy services to local schools and school districts for over 25 years .

Our staff has extensive knowledge and experience of service delivery models specific to agencies and locations to meet the needs of every child in their Educational environment.

We provide unmatched support for our staff, and families. The owners continue to be committed to providing direct services in school settings. This allows us to help our staff and families navigate and problem solve any issues and challenges arising in the school setting.

Services we provide in the school setting

  • Speech language therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Physical therapy

Specific services include evaluations- both functional and standardized testing, direct treatment, consultation, staff training, participation in development of Individual education plans, development of school-based plan of treatments, Collaboration with school based staff including teachers, support staff, Psychologists, mental health counselors, and IEP team members to ensure Children are supported appropriately in their school environment.